Tip Top Duct Cleaning provides 24/7 emergency flood & water damage restoration services in Houston, Texas because we understand how important it is to be ready. Water damage is never expected, always happens at the worst possible time and, if not dealt with quickly, can create expensive and irreparable damage.

Call now for a free estimate (832) 374-8125 for the deep cleaning process needed to rid your property of flood waters and damage.

Water/ Flood Damage Restoration:

A water damage incident can make life troublesome and confusing. You don’t have a clue who to call when your home floods, or what to do to get water out of your house or dry out a flooded house. Water Damage Drying and cleanup is not something that you can deal with totally independent from anyone else with trust. You will need to have an expert whom you trust to promptly go to your home, take an exhaustive look all around your home – including your attic, basement, and crawl space – and provide you a free estimate with the goal that the work to get everything again to ordinary can start quickly.

At Tip Top

We do water extraction in Houston Texas from wet carpet. Wood floor drying and hardwood floor drying to restore them to pre-disaster condition. Also to complete water damage repair to any materials or structure which require it.

Whether the cause is a leaky or broken pipe water damage, a refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher or water heater malfunction. Sewage damage from a sewage line break or back up, or an overflow of your sink or toilet, call Tip Top to Dry It Fast! We understand the importance to you and your family in having your home’s and office’s water damage cleanup handled quickly and completely. And we know how much water damage can cost if your business is shut down.

What You Should Do in Case of Flooding?

There are a few steps you should take if you find yourself in need of emergency flood & water damage restoration in Texas.

If a camera is available, take as many pictures as safely you can for insurance purposes. If possible, move all your prized possessions – photos, statues, paintings – to a dry location. Any wet upholstery should be removed, including cushions and pillows. Rugs should be lifted from wet floors. Loose items should be gathered and secured. Lastly, stay away from rooms where ceilings are sagging or extensive water is coming through.

How effectively and quickly your property is returned to normal function depends on how long bodies of water sit. For every hour, the situation is not dealt with, you greatly increase the chances of bacterial microbes like mold, mildew and fungi and the many health threats that come with them. We also want to move fast to minimize structural damage.


Have you suffered water damage or flood damage in Houston? Call Tip Top on 832 374-5942 for Water Damage Restoration service who can get there quickly, clean up the mess, dry you out, and make things right again!