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Dryer Vent Cleaning Austin:

Drying sheet’s and clothes result’s in creating lint in the Dryer Vent. Over time, your Dryer Vent fills with lint that gets out by your dryer’s filter. Lint build up is very combustible in a dryer vent.

Given that lint is combustible, build up of it in the Dryer Vent or in the exhaust duct can lead to

an unwanted fire. Lint can block the flow of air which can cause excessive heat build-up and  can result in a fire in some dryers. 1 in 20 houses in the United States catch fire due to not cleaning their Dyer Vents.

Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Necessary?



Lint Removal on a regular basis are important to prevent unwanted flames from engulfing your Austin home. Cleaning the vent’s in your home is another equally important factor as it is where the air passes through. Like in the Dryer Vent, dust, dirt and allergens could get clogged up in there. Creating unpurified air which can also affect health. Tip Top proudly keeps the dryers of greater Austin, Texas residents in excellent condition.

 When should I Consider Cleaning my Dryer Vents?

Consider cleaning you’re dryer vent’s if you notice one of the following:

  1. Hot External Temperature
  2. Burning Odor
  3. Drying Clothes Takes Too Long
  4. Lint on Outside of Vent Opening
  5. One year has gone by since
  6. Never Cleaned Them at All!
Serving Texas Families for Over 8 Years

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