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Air Duct Cleaning San Antonio

Keeping your Ducting in pristine condition plays a critical role in the efficiency of your HVAC unit. Dirty or damaged ducts reduce the indoor air quality, thus affecting your health and comfort as well as increasing the cost.  Your ducting normally sits out of site and often out of mind. What we mean by dirty ducting, relates to all sort of particles trapped inside your ducting. Which can almost certainly circulate through your home or business premises.

Every time your HVAC unit is activated, dirt, dust, animal dander, pollen, mold spores and much more will be blown in from your vents. Efficient cleaning of your ducts and vents ensures that nothing but clean air will be circulated through your ducting, thereby improving your comfort, health and safety. Nasty clogging of your ducts with all these different contaminants reduces the efficacy of your HVAC unit. Whether they are residential or commercial. The unit must work harder to push the heated or cooled air through the ducting. Therefore regular maintenance will lower energy bills and keep your air conditioning units in good uninterrupted working order.

Air Duct Cleaning San Antonio

We Work with Roto – brush:

Getting cleaner air ducts by using the Roto – brush. This tool uses a miniaturized camera to find debris, dust and dirt building up in air ducts. It works by inserting the brush, which rotates at 450 rpm, inside the air duct. When the Roto – brush spins, it loosens any debris stuck inside. As the brush is scrubbing the inside walls, the vacuum is sucking up the loosened debris. Due to the rotating cable not being exposed, all types of duct applications are safe, including flex.


There are two types of coil that make up your HVAC unit. The first coil is the evaporator, which plays a fundamental role to draw the warm air out of your home. The second one is the condenser coil which is located outside of your home. This coil uses a compressor to convert the gaseous coolant into a cold liquid.  Transported through coils to the evaporator unit is liquid and the air handler then distributes the cooler air throughout your home. Once it has traveled through the evaporator unit, the coolant begins its journey back to the condenser. In order to preserve their cooling power, coils need to be handled delicately and properly. With a regular maintenance and upkeep well serviced A.C coils will help keep indoor air quality high and utility bills low.

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Mold in Air Ducts

Most respiratory tract diseases are spread through airborne activity, and it is very important to prevent the atmosphere in the ducting from allowing bacteria or fungus to successfully grow and take hold. You must be aware that the conditions for mold and bacteria to live in your ducting is conducive to the spread of many airborne infections. Legionnaires disease is a prime example.

Moist conditions allow mold to grow and that can regularly be found in your ducting. The Removal of mold in the air ducts is the first step that we will preform. Then you will need to find and remove the source to eliminate it completely. When there is a water or air leak in the ducting, mold could be present. Whilst cool air is flowing through the air ducts on hot days, moisture in the air can condense on the inside of the ducting.



Employ a deep cleaning process performed by professionals

Tip Top Air Duct Cleaning San Antonio, employ a deep cleaning process performed by professionals whose skills will ensure that the environment of your home or office will attain the optimum air quality. You can take comfort that Tip Top will produce a reliable duct cleaning San Antonio using only safe chemical approved by the environmental protection agency. Proven solutions scented or unscented eliminate unwanted microorganisms and effective removal of odor and won’t leave any toxic residue.

We offer same day service, using 100% organic and green cleaning solutions. Regularly retrained in the latest technical procedures, employ in reliable and trustworthy professionals. We promise you the best air duct cleaning San Antonio. Tip Top duct cleaning will pick up all minor flaws before they become expensive problems is an absolute necessity. Regular filter changing & preforming air duct replacement in San Antonio TX gets the optimum results.

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